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After many years of foreign trading, we have accumulated a large number of high-quality resources of distributors. Until 2017, the company has helped many enterprises to establish their promotion project, tailored marketing programs for different products, and received good results.
Our dedicated team has the overall experience and knowledge in the field of foreign trading, selling and promoting etc. With the professional ethics and rigorous work attitude, we are able to provide a prompt and reliable service to our clients.
Our Company is located in the High-efficiency Ecological Economic Zone of the Yellow River Delta where has obvious transportation advantages. The unique geographical radiation capability facilitates the promotion of the project.
Since the recovery of the world economy, China's economy has been steadily improving. In 2017, the total import volume was 12.46 trillion CNY, an increase by 18.7%. Up to July 2018, China's total import volume was 7.83 trillion CNY, an increase by 12.9%. On the whole, China's trade has gradually narrowed its production, and the import situation has steadily increased. China is taking active measures to promote the opening of the Chinese market. In the future international market, China is a strategic plan that cannot be ignored by enterprises of all countries.

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